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476 Haean-ro Gangneung-si 25460 GANGWON-DO

You’ll find many of the top things to do in Gangneung just a stone’s throw away from the Golden Tulip Skybay. Our hotel is nestled on the sandbar in between two bodies of water, including the ocean and Gyeongpo Lake. Towards the ocean, you’ll find the popular Gyeongpo Beach with its watersport facilities, colourful sunrises and tempting aromas emanating from seafood restaurants. On the other side of the sandbar is the lake, famous for its tranquil waters and brilliant moonlight. The traditional architecture of the Gyeongpodae Pavilion sits here alongside the water, with hand-painted detailing on its pillars providing a natural setting for poetry and culture. Naturally, all of Gangneung City’s shopping and dining outlets are also close at hand.

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